More momentum problems:

1.  Bernie, whose mass is 70.0 kg, leaves a ski jump with a velocity of 21.0 m/s.  What is Bernie’s momentum as he leaves the ski jump?

2.  Ethel is sitting on a park bench feeding the pigeons when a child’s ball rolls toward her across the grass.  Ethel returns the ball to the child by hitting it with her 2.0 kg pocketbook with a speed of 20 m/s.  If the impact last for 0.4 s, with what force does Ethel hit the ball?

3.  When Reggie Jackson stepped up to the plate and hit a 0.150 kg fast ball traveling at 36.0 m/s, the impact caused the ball to leave the bat with a velocity of 45.0 m/s in the opposite direction.  If the impact lasted for 0.002 s, what force did Jackson exert on the baseball?

4.  Tyrrell throws his 0.20 kg football in the living room and knocks over his mother’s 0.80 kg antique vase.  After the collision, the football bounces straight back with a speed of 3.9 m/s, while the vase is moving at 2.6 m/s in the opposite direction.

a.  How fast did Tyrrell throw the football?

b.  If the football continued to travel at 3.9 m/s in the same direction it was thrown, would the vase have to be more or less massive than 0.80 kg?

5.  A 300 kg motorboat is turned off as it approaches a dock and it coasts in toward the dock at 0.50 m/s.  Isaac, whose mass is 62.0 kg, jumps off the front of the boat with a speed of 3.5 m/s relative to the boat.  What is the velocity of the boat after Isaac jumps?

6.  Miguel, the 72.0 kg bullfighter, runs toward an angry bull at a speed of 4.00 m/s.  The 55.0 kg bull charges toward Miguel at 12.0 m/s and Miguel must jump on the bull’s back at the last minute to avoid being run over.  What is the new velocity of Miguel and the bull as they move across the arena?